Seoul Scholars International – The Best International School in Seoul

For many parents, finding the most suitable school for their children is a process that takes a lot of deliberation. After all every educational institution employs a different teaching approach and every approach has an influence on a child’s long-term future. Seoul Scholars International (SSI) is an international school based in Seoul, South Korea. The school boasts a track record of delivering educational offerings that set students on their way to educational success.

Seoul Scholars International provides independent secondary education for students between the 8th and 12th grades.

At SSI, the educational program is designed to ready students for higher levels of academic and professional excellence. The scholars are specifically picked for their expertise. As an SSI student, you will learn to be disciplined, independent and also have an opportunity to develop your unique talents.

Here are some of the benefits of enrolling to

(1)Growth in personality

SSI celebrates diversity of culture and personality. This appreciation of the beauty of our differences helps the children to mature emotionally. Being an international school in Seoul gives your child an opportunity to benefit from lifelong friendships with children from different countries worldwide.

(2)Increased career opportunities

In today’s global economy, employers prefer individuals who have the ability to work with other cultures. SSI strives to give its students the confidence to be able to transcend different cultures.

(3)Rolling admissions

Due to the random nature of most international assignments, SSI allows for enrollment throughout the year. Students who prefer rolling admission are advised to apply at least a semester earlier than the preferred commencement date.

(4)Intellectual maturity

SSI as a Seoul based international school strives to promote intellectual maturity as a tool to help students navigate through their academic and professional life. As students prepare for young adulthood, they need as much guidance as possible in addition to meaningful experiences.

How to enroll to Seoul Scholars International

Step 1: Application form

The first step is filling out and submitting an application form. All information provided is used strictly for admission purposes and cannot be released to a third party.

Step 2: Interview and entrance test

After the application review stage, potential students are invited for a one on one interview and to sit an entrance exam. The exam entails Math and English. The interview is held by the school Headmaster.

Step 3: Admission decision

Students who pass both the interview and exam are then notified individually. Successful applicants are given further instructions on the rest of the admission procedure and school guidelines and policies.

Bottom line

Students who attend SSI get to enjoy the distinct advantages discussed above plus a lot more. If you live or are intending to move to Seoul and are looking for an international school in Seoul, visit for more information.