NBR Floats – Chemical Engineering at its Best

Here at SM inc, we pride ourselves on our impeccable customer relations, continuous innovative research and highest quality engineering. We guarantee to provide the best standard of service matched with the most competitive prices in the entire industry. No other nbr float specialist can compete with our excellent reputation and we strive daily to make sure it remains that way as it is the only way we can have a competitive advantage over our rivals while still ensuring we remain objective in our service delivery.

Our company was first established in 2006 with certification growing progressively since. We have automotive associates all across the world including France, UK, USA, Taiwan and India who are confident in the knowledge the NBR floats we produce are of the highest quality. Using a careful recruitment selection to ensure all our clients receive the most efficient customer service at all times when dealing with us.

What we are widely known for and best reputed for is our contribution to the automotive industry, LPG industry and other industries related to liquid sensory production. Our products are used for many things including fuel tanks, carburettors, engines, pneumatic auxiliary compounds, reservoirs and marines. We also produce floats specifically for household use for appliances and air conditioning units.

The NBR floats we engineer are made from the finest materials. The floats themselves are made from foam rubber (cellular rubber) which consists of 2 different types of rubber ensuring effectiveness and durability. We use a combination of sponge rubber and expanded rubber. Sponge rubber has continuous open cells while expanded rubber displays a closed cell structure. It is this closed cell structure that gives our products their buoyancy and helps eliminate liquid penetration. Lowered liquid absorption paired with higher thermal and electrical insulation allows for maximum mechanical performance. The solid formation of the 2 structures provide improved reliability overall. All of our floats are safe to use with gasoline, diesel and other blended fuels. This is due to them being compatible with many different liquids. Our products all have safe operating temperature and pressure ranges. These ranges can be customised to suit the individual’s preference at time of purchase.

What sets our NBR floats apart from any other float specialist is ours can be mounded to any shape or size as required. Moulding and shaping the floats will not disrupt their effectiveness in any way. They will still be made to the highest standard and remain 100% reliable. Our tailored service gives each customer a unique experience while creating the float to match their particular needs. Each of our floats are specifically engineered to provide optimum performance and stability for whatever purpose you require them for.

At SM inc our aim is to provide all our customers with the assurance they are dealing with the best NBR float specialist in the business. We like to think our motto ‘customers’ success is ours’ reflects that promise. We are leading the way forward with our innovative and creative engineering designs and making progress every day in our field. Our superior products speak for themselves providing effectiveness, reliability, durability and satisfaction guaranteed