How to Create a WordPress Website – The Do’s and Dont’s

So you are probably looking to build your first website, right?
Most can easily create their first wordpress website up and running, but they struggle after that.
Simply because they have not prepared for how are they going to get visitors, or what we like to call traffic, to their website. And ultimately convert them into email subscribers or buyers.
And in this articles I’m going to discuss the do’s and dont’s.

Let’s start with the don’ts


1) Don’t expect once you have your website up – even if it’s beautiful that there will be people screaming all wanting to check out your site and read what it is all about.
That is not going to happen. Unless you’re Justin Beiber and have 37 Million Followers on Instagram that he can’t post a picture saying his new website is up.

2) Don’t build a website just to make “six figures”.
Yes, there are a lot of courses, products, coaching programs that teach you to make “six figures” per year. The course may be good and you may even make that money (but do expect to work hard at it every day). But making six figures is meaningless, and only once you get there you’ll realise what I mean.
But you have to have a reason greater than just making six figures, The website/business has to be something that interests you, your passion, something you love to talk about and if you didn’t get paid a dime to do it – you’d still do it.
And in many cases, it’s those with a greater purpose really excel and reach another level of success.

3) Don’t do the easy things.
There are going to be many tempting services that claim to get you quick results. But are they lasting results.
Here is a quote that I also preach. I’m not sure who it is from but its “do what’s easy, life will be hard. do what’s hard, life will be easy.”
Do the things what 99% aren’t doing, don’t try to copy, figure out your own unique selling proposition.

Now to the Do’s


1) Do take things one at a time.
What I mean by this is to schedule your week – so you focus on one major area of your website per day. For example. Content writing day, Recording Day Etc. Then you have your editing day, brainstorming day and publishing day.
It’s much more effective to do one thing per day. It’s like in the gym, you don’t train every single part of your body all in one day – seven days a week.
You work on one body part per day. And then allow it to rest.

2) Do expect building a website as if you were building a real business.
Nothing is going to come easy, I can tell you that. Even though it may seem easy. The hard part is not the technical aspects, the hard part is your mentality. Your business/website will only be as good as yourself.
Focus on self development, gaining knowledge, doing things the hard way and you’ll be ahead of 99% of the people who own a website.

3) Do write or build the best resource for your niche.
Anything else, you are going to fail. Don’t just people to write articles for 5 bucks and post it your website expecting you’re going to make sales and make money.
No. You’re going to spending a few days or even weeks researching what you are going to write and build beforehand. You’ll have to write something that blows your competition out of the water. That’s the only way you’ll grow and be successful. And that’s the same as anything in life.
I hope you enjoyed my short article on what you need to do and NOT do in order to build a successful website.

You can watch this How to Create a WordPress website tutorial here.

Best of Luck,

Jeff W.