Now there are smart pens to take your notes

First came the PC, then the laptop followed by tablets, notebooks, and smart phones. But the world did not stop there. It is now the era of smart watches and smart pens. Yes, smart pens. This is an invention that many students would love to own, because of its capabilities.

So what can your smart pen do?

It will let you capture those important points in the classroom. There is so much syllabus to be covered that teachers these days try to cover more within a short span. Such explanations are important because they make it easy to understand the lesson. But many students are unable to keep up with the pace at which teachers teach, even though they understand the lesson at that point of time. The smart pen comes to rescue.

It is not only students who can do with smart pens. These pens are suitable even for office meetings, and interviews. Similarly, it can be used by nurses accompanying doctors on their rounds, because it is indeed difficult to capture everything that the doctor may say. Effectively, a smart pen bridges the gap between speaking, writing, and even thinking.

How does a smart pen do that?

Each smart pen includes a recording feature, apart from an infrared camera. In addition this pen includes a camera that can link what you write to the audio recording so that you do not miss out even a single word. In addition, smart pens let user playback the audio recording of the content.

Can the content be transferred on to computer?

Many smart pens have large memories, which lets user capture more content, and upload it on their computer. From here, the images of whatever is written can be understood better in relation to what is played on audio, and even edited for making the note comprehensive. What more, such notes can also be sent or mailed, which feature the scribes would love.


Smart pens will improve the experience of the students, as well as teachers. Teachers would be pleased with the performance of their students, and students will be enthused to study more because of their grades. Scribes would never make any mistake and end up with some defamation or misinterpretation problems. They can also improve the speed at which they do their work. As to office personnel, this is a blessing that can improve their performance dramatically. Hospitals too can offer superior patient care because of smart pens.